The Corvallis Workshops Schedule
Updated 06/05/17

CH2M HILL Alumni Center

17:00-19:00 Opening Reception and Registration

CH2M HILL Alumni Center

7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:15 Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:30 Session 1 Service-Life Prediction Tools
25 min Using Models to Predict the Service-life Expectancy of concrete structures, Jacques Marchand, SIMCO
25 min A Real-World Perspective about Today’s Practice and the Future of 100+ year Service Life Requirements, Oscar Antomattei, Kiewit
25 min Forecasting the Time to Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete Structures, Ueli Angst, ETH
15 min Discussion
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Session 2 Experimental Data for Service-Life Prediction Tools
25 min Effect of Reinforcement Spacers on Corrosion Initiation of Concrete Structures, Hong Wong, Imperial College
25 min Durability Perspectives for Future Cements and use of Calcined Clays, Karen Scrivener, EPFL
25 min Durability Assessment of Alternative Cementitious Materials: Ongoing Research for Service Life Predictions Kim Kurtis, Georgia Tech
15 min Discussion
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Session 3 Service-Life Prediction:  Design Implications
25 min Performance-based Approaches for Durability Design of RC Structures, Hans Beushausen U. Cape Town
40 min Engineering and Sustainability Limit States for Reinforced Concrete Structures and Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Modeling of Chloride Induced Reinforcement Corrosion, Mette Geiker, Norwegian University of Technology and Science and Alex Michel, Technical University of Denmark
25 min Concrete Mixtures do not have a Service Life; Concrete Structures have a Service Life, Doug Hooton, University of Toronto
15 min Getting Back to Engineering: Advancing Concrete Mixtures for Performance, Gina Ahlstrom, FHWA
15 min Discussion
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 Session 4  Non-Destructive Evaluation for Service-Life Prediction
25 min How Can Electrical Imaging Modalities be used for Advancing Service Life Prediction of Concrete Structures? Mohammad Pour Ghaz, NC State Univ.
25 min Using Resistivity Measurements to Predict Service-Life of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks, Burkan Isgor, Oregon State University
25 min Water and Freezing in Cement Hydrates: Modeling at the Meso and Nano Scales, Katerina Ioannidou, MIT
15 min Ultrasonic Full Waveform Monitoring of Concrete Structures, Thomas Schumacher, Portland State Univ.
15 min Discussion

Group Winery Dinner
Lumos Winery

17:45 Shuttle bus start to Lumos (every 15 min)
18:30 Last bus to Lumos
20:30 Shuttle busses start return to Hotels (every 30 min)
21:30 Last bus to Hotel

CH2M HILL Alumni Center

8:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 Session 5 Numerical Modeling
25 min Numerical Simulation of Early-Age Deformation and Cracking of RC Structures with Full-3D Multi-scale and Multi-Physical Integrated Analysis, Tetsuya Ishida, U. Tokyo
25 min Numerical Analysis of the Degradation Phenomena using the Coupled Thermodynamic Phase Equilibrium-mass Transfer System, Yoshifumi Hosokawa, Taiheiyo Cement and Kazuo Yamada, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan.
25 min Statistical Tools and Estimation of the Service Life of Concrete Systems with Various Cementitious Materials, Corrosion Inhibitors, and Coatings, Radhakrishna Pillai, Manu Santhanam and Ravindra Gettu, IIT Madras
15 min Discussion
10:30 Coffee Break
10:50 Session 6  Service-Life Prediction in Field and Marine Environments
25 min Incorporating the Influence of Cracks on Service Life Predictions of Concrete Structures Exposed to Chlorides, Jose Pacheco, CTL Group
25 min Service-Life Prediction of the Mactaquac Dam, Mike Thomas, UNB
15 min Service- Life Assessment Based on site NDT – Real Cases, Roberto Torrent, Consultant
15 min Use of the Damage Rating Index as Input for Service-Life Prediction of ASR-Affected Concrete, Fred Shrimer, Golder Associates
15 min Discussion

Bag Lunch and Group Hike
Mary’s Peak

~12:30 Depart CH2M Hill Alumni Center
~16:30 Return CH2M Hill Alumni Center

 Tuesday Evening
Cocktails and Appetizers
The Vue, Downtown Corvallis

18:00 Shuttle bus start to The Vue (every 15 min)
18:30 Last bus to The Vue
20:45 Shuttle busses start return to Hotels (every 30 min)
21:30 Last bus to Hotel

CH2M HILL Alumni Center

8:30 Continental Breakfast
9:00 Session 7 Service Life Prediction in Field and Marine Environments
25 min Service Life Prediction: A Key Input for Future Department of Defense Asset Management, Robert Moser, US Army Corps
25 min Durability of Concrete Structures in Marine Environments: Design, Assessment and Beyond, Kefei Li, Tschinghua University
25 min Talk Title TBD, Jason Weiss, Oregon State University
15 min Service-Life of Concrete Containing Supplementary Cementing Materials in Marine Environment for 25 Years, Ted Moffat, UNB
15 min Discussion
10:45 Coffee Break
11:15 Discussion
Wrap-Up, Cement and Concrete Research Special Publication Papers, Next Workshop Dates and Topic
12:00 Lunch for those who want to stay